Concert / 25 June 2019

Join us to celebrate  the 50th anniversary of the legendary "Jacksons"!
Jermaine, Jackie, Marlon and Tito Jackson will be playing their iconic hits for the pleasure of the French public, as they will be honouring the memory of the phenomenal Mickaël Jackson, 10 years after he left the world full of magical songs that will last for generations.

An event celebrating life, music and timeless memories.

When you call their name, "they" will be there !

€ Prices

Main floor :  107.50€

Premium balcony : 87.50€

Tiers 1 balcony :  67.50€

Tiers 2 balcony 47.50€

Tickets available soon

jackson_five.PNG jacksons_plan_de_salle_1.png

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